Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rods & Rockers

Last Saturday I spent all day serving drinks to hundreds of rowdy people enjoying the spring weather. After mixing up cocktails and dealing with some sloppy drunks for 10 hours, I was more than happy to get out of the house and do something refreshing. My girlfriends and I got dolled up and went to our local tavern, The Steer Inn. Since it was Cruisin’ Weekend and there were tons of retro-American lovers in town, the Steer Inn hosted their 3rd annual Rods & Rockers on Wheels party.

By 9 o’clock PM, my friend Tracy had been crowned Miss Rods & Rockers 2011, my friend, Sarah, placed in the contest, too, and I was wearing my dancing shoes. I can't believe I missed seeing the pin up contest earlier that afternood. I wasn't going to miss a night of swing dancing, also. I rushed home from work to put on my home-made red and white dancing dress and red heels. A much needed night of feeling girlie and wearing pin-curls was exactly what the doctor ordered.
The Super Devils were on stage playing some crazy good rockabilly swing music. I love 1950’s style rock and roll. It’s my favorite. This band mixed classic honky tonk with rock and roll to create a play list that kept us all dancing. I’m a sucker for a stand up bass and was over -joyed when the bassist invited us up on stage to try some tricks. So neat. Thanks, Corey!
After dancing for a few hours we called it a night. My bed was so welcoming after a long day at my part-time job in the sunshine and all of the aerobics that occurred on the Steer Inn dance floor! Rockabilly night is always a blast. Congrats to Tracy, Miss Rods & Rockers 2011! Congrats to Sarah! And much thanks to the band and the Steer for supplying great music for my Saturday night!

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