Monday, April 11, 2011

Dibbs Preston & the Detonators

I wore my dancing boots Saturday night for an action-packed evening! Dibbs Preston & the Detonators played at the little tavern, the Steer Inn, over the weekend. Dibbs and his band toured with greats like the Brian Setzer Orchestra, KISS, the Clash, David Bowie, Tina Turner, and Hall & Oats. Pretty sweet, right?
Dibbs is from London and had such a dreamy accent and rockin' voice. One of the best bands that Skip, from the Steer Inn, has had so far! Skip is awesome and does such a great job of bringing fast rockabilly music to our little town on the Eastern Shore.
My friends and I had such a great time dancing to this band. There was a whole 'lotta shakin', swingin', and sweatin' going on! I'd say that our dancing gets better and better every time we go to the tavern. Look at these moves:
Thanks to Skip and Dibbs Preston & the Detonators for playing in Berlin, MD! Can't wait to see them play locally again. If you're ever looking for a dance partner, come find me!

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