About Ami

My name is Ami. I’m a full-time content strategist for a web-design and marketing firm. I also write stories and photograph for Shorebread Magazine. I live in the Berlin, MD area and am in love with vintage fashion, hand-made items, do-it-yourself projects, thrift stores, and anything pretty. I like weddings, painting, sewing, making jewelry, baking, urban exploration and am a creative junkie.

I started Little Miss Lovely Vintage as a way to translate my love for certain things to people with similar interests. I blog because writing about something that I adore liberates me. It helps my thought processes evolve. Blogging brings like-minded people together; an interweb connection of sorts. Little Miss Lovely has helped me find people who share similar thought-processes, desires, likes, and goals.  It’s beyond uplifting.

Recently, I decided to embrace my love for weddings. Little Miss Lovely Vintage is currently in the process of becoming a wedding website. The process is going smoothly thus far and I am beyond excited! Check out the wedding page for more details!

I adore vintage clothing and home décor. Collecting vintage items and creating vintage-like items consumes most of my free time. I scour our area thrift stores on a regular basis hoping to find wonderful lovelies. Urban exploration is fun, too. I can't avoid a vacant and abandoned old house.
I live with 2 brilliant little pets: Slater & Sandi. Slater is a cat whom acts more like a dog than most pooches. Sandi is my labradoodle companion whom I rescued from a humane society. She’s got some sass and is a total goof.

I’m a girlie-gal who loves getting dressed up, shoes, nail polish, and pretty hair-dos. I love getting dressed up and doing photoshoots with my friends. Don’t let my exterior fool you, though.  I’m a little-mix-fix-it and am obsessed with classic cars and loud motorcycles. I'm an eclectic, self-proclaimed, music freak, too.
Spend some time on Little Miss Lovely Vintage. I hope that my corner of the interweb helps inspire you to be creative and enjoy yourself while doing so. Keep coming back for daily doses of fashion discoveries, wedding info., do-it-yourself projects, and vintage lovely-ness!