Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quiet Storm

It's days like today that make me realize why I'm living where I live. It's beautiful. It wouldn't be the same without the sunshine and shorelines. I walked the beach for a little while today to take some photos for work and took some for this blog, too.
I then walked my sand-covered feet into Quiet Storm Surf Shop to deliver their latest Ami's Mermaid Jewelry pieces. There are 10 new beaded starfish headbands at the 74th street location! Stop by and snag one, or a few. These headbands are my favorite summertime accessory.
When you're in Quiet Storm, talk to Phil about his new band, Galaxy Collective. Those band boys are awesome together and are bringing such a new sound to our little town. Much needed new tunes. Such a lovely day on the east coast! Glad I got to spend some time outside and distribute some of my craftings. Have a nice Wednesday!

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