Tuesday, May 10, 2011

JK Plant Farm

The JK Plant Farm, located just outside of Salisbury, MD, is a 12-greenhouse farm. Was a 12-greenhouse plant farm. This farm closed a few years ago. JK sold plants to wholesalers who would distribute them locally. There were remnant of their quality plants all over this place.
The storage building on the property was still stocked with fruit baskets, holiday decorations, office supplies, Christmas tree stands, plastic pots, and more. Lots of little birds have made nests inside of the open building and there were baby birds chirping like crazy when I peeked inside.
Plants were discarded on huge piles. A pile of mums. A pile of ferns. A pile of plastic pots. Some plants were still potted and growing in the sunshine. I bet their roots are completely bound inside of their pots after setting unplanted for so long. Poor little guys.
The JK Plant Farm is owned privately at the moment. Doesn't seem like anyone is tending to the property. The grass was long and overgrown, the driveway was almost entirely covered with weeds, and no one stopped me from walking around over the weekend. The only things this plant farm will be producing this season are wild flowers. What do you think?

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