Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Before & After: Vintage Luggage Rack

It's time to share a transformation! This isn't the most significant object to perform a transformation on, but it defiantly makes a difference in my shabby chic home. A few years ago, I picked a set of pretty vintage Travel Joy suitcases out of someone’s trash (dumpster diver extraordinaire!). I cleaned them up, showed the suitcases some love, and now I use them all the time! They're classic.

I've been searching for an antique luggage rack to display these lovelies on. A few weeks ago I found this 70's-looking luggage rack at our local Goodwill. I knew I could make it look very cutesy. Best part is, it was only $3! Here's it's mug shot before:
I took off the 70's embroidered straps (saved them in case I ever needed them for something else), primed the wooden rack, sanded it, and gave it 2 coats of white paint. Then, I picked up this pretty pink, white, and sea foam green ribbon at the craft store and stapled it to the arms. Ta-da! A new take on vintage fun!
It looks absolutely darling holding my pretty teal suitcases! I'm thinking of using it as a nightstand... but I really do love the nightstand I have currently. I may have to stash it for a few years until I buy and own a real house and can play with furniture there. Isn't it cute?
I love it! Revamping vintage finds is always fun. Check out some of my other transformations, and lots of other blogger's, at Project ReStyle. Eat your hearts out, D-I-Yers!


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