Saturday, February 26, 2011

around town

Yesterday, the weather cleared up (Only for about an hour, crazy coastal storms. Geesh.) and it was beautiful outside. I took advantage of the afternoon and went into town with my camera to snap some picture for work. People love this sign in Ocean City that hangs above our pretty drawbridge. 3,073 miles across the country via Route 50.

I've been shopping for a house for months. I'm doing lots of research and budgeting to save for my future home. After searching some listings I saw a house for sale in town and went to check it out. I was overly excited when I saw a for-sale sign in front of this lovely pink house! Isn't it charming? Too bad the for-sale sign was for the little yellow cottage directly behind this one. They share a driveway. Needless to say, I was heartbroken (& uninterested in) the yellow house. I'll be keeping my eyes on this pink one. I could make it look just like a vintage doll house with lots of work. Pink house, please go on the market soon (& be in my price range)!

 I also stumbled upon this fun mail box! Have you seen any of these lately? I know that I haven't. I mean, I've seen the ordinary, updated, blue and red  boxes - but none of these old seafoam greenish ones. I think it was forgotten about. I haven't seen one like this in Ocean City for years. It's hidden in a little tiny nook in town on a 'no-outlet' street. I loved the colors of it and its worn look.
Just wanted to share this fun pictures.

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Patti B said...

holy moly that's CUTE house! good luck. i hope it becomes available :)