Friday, August 12, 2011

Running Pump Road

How's a little abandoned house exploration sound? Perfect for a beautiful, sunny Friday. Honestly, the weather is gorgeous here in Ocean City today.

When I was in college at Millersville, I drove past this abandoned old house about 10 times a week on my way to and from campus. It used to be occupied. A little old lady lived there. Since I graduated from MU a few years ago, this house went vacant. I've waited a few months to go explore this property. I spent a few minutes walking around snapping some pictures.
(This sun-room/workshop was attatched to the backside of the barn. Isn't it eerily cool?)
(There was a stack of newspapers next to the back door. Dated from 2007.)
(After having my stud check out these pictures, he said that it looks like someone took all of the copper fixtures out of this house. That would explain why the locks were busted off of the back door and it was so easy to get into this home. I guess copper thieves really do ransack old houses.)
(Loved the pretty light fixtures that were still hanging.)
If you find any neat old places over the weekend, be sure to explore them! My exploring will be photo-less until my new camera arrives. Happy weekend, lovelies.

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