Thursday, June 2, 2011

Harrisburg Avenue

For the first time ever, I was rejected by an abandoned house. This house did not want me walking around inside of it. It wasn't ready for me. Rejection in its finest form.
Last Friday afternoon I attempted to scope out this beauty:
Beautiful? Don't you think? Too bad it was completely covered in poison ivy and brush.
The picture above shows the driveway (& only entrance) to this home. This property sits really close to our mall in Lancaster, PA. It's located next to a giant Toys'R'Us and the only entrance is off of a 4 lane highway. Maybe the odds were against me all along? I stepped over so much poison ivy and jagers that I was expecting to be coated with bubbles in less than 5 minutes. Thankfully, I always carry a super supply of antibacterial hand cleanser and sort of gave myself a bath with it as soon as I got into my car. Is that gross? Oh well.
Here's another picture, from the back porch, of the heavy ivy. It had seriously taken over this old abandoned house. Maybe I'll try to get back inside the fenced property over the winter when this itchy green stuff isn't in full-force.

Rejection. I would have loved to see what was inside of this place and photographed the contents. Perhaps I'll get my chance sometime soon. If not, who knows what I missed out on. Can you blame an explorer for not trying to get coated in an itchy mess? This must mean that I'm going to stumble upon the abandoned jackpot sometime soon, right?

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Anonymous said...

Always enjoy reading these, Ami. I still want to go with you on a visit to an abandoned home sometime. :)