Thursday, June 2, 2011

Honeysuckle Drive

Can you picture the tiny little robin that hatched out of this beautiful blue egg? I spotted this natural scene while walking through an abandoned house on Honeysuckle Drive last week.
You never know what you're going to find in an abandoned house. I first saw this house while driving to Lancaster to visit a certain someone, whom I adore, a few weeks ago. It rained the entire time I was in PA that week so I didn't have a chance to visit this property. Last week, while I was visiting that same certain someone, I stopped to photograph this house.

I'm so glad I did. They're in the process of tearing it down! This beauty isn't going to be standing much longer (I'll actually be surprised if it isn't already a pile of rubble by the time I type this). The property sits across from a newly built townhome complex in Millersville, PA. I'm assuming the complex purchased the land this home had occupied for more residential development.
This house had the tallest ceilings I have ever seen in a residential building. That's a standard sized doorway below... look at all that space above! The ceilings were even that tall in the bathroom. I bet that bathroom never fogged up while showering.
There were rooms of built-ins, fancy trim work, and feminine wallpaper in this home. In the basement (yes, I did venture down into a dark, musty, and moldy basement) there was a built-in  bar decorated with tiki accents.
I'm anxious to see if this house is still standing when I visit Lancaster again. If it's not, I'll be glad that I took some time to march around inside of it when I got the chance. If it is, I'll be tempted to trek through it again.
I think old houses are the bees-knees. I'll keep you posted about the state of this place. If you see any robins flying around, ask if it's the one that hatched out of the egg on Honeysuckle Drive, okay? I bet that robin's a beauty because it was born in a pretty house.

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Patti B said...

i'm so sad! what an awesome little house, with so much character. i wish i could save all the amazing windows and architectural details.