Tuesday, May 3, 2011

McIntyre Road

The best way to find cool little spots to explore is to 'take the long way' anywhere. After spending the day in beautiful and historic Princess Anne, MD, I 'took the long way' home. While enjoying my drive, I spotted this pretty little home on the side of McIntyre Road in Mount Vernon, MD.
This old home is abandoned with over-grown grass and poison ivy galore. The property is located along a bend in the road next to two pretty, beautifully restored homes.
It makes me wonder why this house was left behind? If the neighbors saw value in restoring their old homes, why not this one, too? It's very cutesy - in my opinion.
There were lots of gorgeous old details and trim on this home. Loved this sea foam green patina door knob on the front door.
I tried to take a few pictures from a hole in the boards covering the windows off of the front porch. This is what I saw:
Looks as though someone was trying to do something with this place. A bathtub in the front foyer? I think that those spindles lining the staircase are so pretty.
McIntyre Road is a single-lane roadway that winds through the marshes of the Wicomico River. The water is brackish - a combination of the Tangier Sound, Manokin River, and the Wicomico. The 'road' is more like a dirt lane that leads you to a beautiful open marsh.
I hope that you stumble upon some pretty sights while 'taking the long way' home. I'm always surprised to find undiscovered little secret spots to check out. Have any neat spots you've discovered on the back roads?


Tasha Nilsen said...

What an adorable little farm house! It is probably too far gone to restore. But the hardware and maybe some doors and the fireplace? I too have wondered why these cute homesteads are abandoned.

Patti B said...

a beautiful house. it makes me so sad that there are all of these amazing places with so much history and character just left to crumble.

Ami Marie said...

Ditto. I'm sure this house was beautiful in it's day.