Friday, May 27, 2011

Antique Marketplace

You could disappear for hours while visiting Lemoyne, AP... I swear. After spending way too long in the PA Fabric Outlet earlier this week, I got sucked into the vortext knowns as Antique Marketplace. If you're a lover of old things, you'd really like this place. Here are some of the goodies I spotted at a few of the over 80 booths:
I think I spent most of my visit looking through bins and shoeboxes filled with old photos. The subjects were moving, hilarious, and precious all at the same time. I couldn't help by wonder who the people in these pictures were and where these photos came from? I enjoyed shuffling through the stacks of smelly printed antique photo paper.
This was my favorite stand... Nonna's, booth #180. It was filled with awesome stuff! Turqouise and sterling silver rings for $8. Vintage baby dolls for $8. Even vintage party hats for $8. Apparently Nonna has a thing for the number 8.
Anyone else have a weakness for rummaging through old things?

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