Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sunshine = shorts! That was the case the past 2 days here on the sunny Maryland shore. (Don't laugh at my uber-white legs. They'll be seeing the sunlight more often, I'm sure.)
I left work a little early to go home and enjoy the weather. 80 degrees in mid April is quite the gift! Sandi and I went hiking, she went swimming. We're so lucky that we live in such a beautiful area.
I spent all day today spring cleaning! My house is spotless, and that's no exaggeration. I did everything: Cleaned the carpets, washed all of my rugs, dusted, scrubbed, re-caulked the bathtubs, dishes, laundry, and reorganized. I opened all of the windows and let my home air-out and the breeze pass through while it was warm outside. I feel like sometimes I have clean-freak-outs and just need to scrub until I'm content. Let's just say that I'm very content with the state of my house right now. Have you done your spring cleaning yet?

Hope you got out an enjoy this warm weather while it lasts! I heard that we're expecting fog and rain for tomorrow. Looks like a good day to get some writing done and tackle the rest of my 'to do' list!

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