Wednesday, April 27, 2011


You know that I can’t go anywhere without stopping to do some thifting! On Monday, while in Lancaster city, I walked the streets and did some window shopping. Of course I hit up Mommalicious, got a cup of tea at Rachel's Cafe & Creperie, and wondered into BUiLDiNG CHARACTER.
The last time I went shopping downtown, I did a little blog post about Mommalicious. It was pouring outside that day and I didn’t want to run down the street to BUiLDiNG CHARACTER after scoring a parking spot right outside of Mommalicious’ front door. Someone posted a nice little comment on that blog post saying that I should check out BUiLDiNG CHARACTER the next time I was in the city.
& that’s exactly what I did. I’m no stranger to this expansive store. I’ve spent a few First Fridays in this shop while in college. What’s so neat about BUiLDiNG CHARACTER ? Let me tell you (& show you!)...
BUiLDiNG CHARACTER is massive. The 10,000 square foot warehouse is a historical beauty that’s filled with salvaged, vintage, and eco-friendly finds. Located in downtown Lancaster (342 N. Queen Street), BUiLDiNG CHARACTER is a one-stop shop. You’ll find salvaged home items, vintage and gently used clothing (even for men), handmade accessories, antiques, photography, art, collectibles, and great gifts for anyone you can imagine.
Here are a few pictures from one of my favorite little booths inside of BUiLDiNG CHARACTER. This booth is claimed by Smilin’ Gal Vintage. Smilin’ Gal is an independent seller of vintage clothing and funky house wares. Right up my alley!
There are more than 30 individual shops/sellers under one roof at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER. I love that this place is eco-friendly. You’ll leave the warehouse feeling inspired after seeing the many green practices and recycling methods that transform everyday items. Outside you’ll even see discarded pedestal sinks and toilets filled with blooming pansies and spring flowers! A new-age replacement for the terra cotta pot?  Maybe.
If you’re in the Lancaster area – stop by BUiLDiNG CHARACTER. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll leave feeling a little more eclectic! If you'd like to see more, check out their Etsy store, too. Whatcha' think?


LancasterPADining said...

Thank you for stopping by! What a great, great article and wonderful pics! Sometimes I'm too close to the operation and forget how cool BC -- and its shops -- is. LOL. Say hi next time!

B.B. Bellezza said...

What a nice write up and lovely photos! I have one of the booths in Building Character (B.B. Bellezza - the one with the red-headed girl!) Thanks for stopping by! :)

Ami Marie said...

Thanks, guys! Glad you liked it! I'll say hi sometime soon :)

Garden Party Soapworks said...

Thanks for the great article!! I am one of the vendors at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER...Garden Party Soapworks...the one with the rubber duckies.