Sunday, March 13, 2011


You know that Spring is right around the corner (actually, only 7 days away!) when you start seeing these signs:

1.) Daffodils blooming in your garden! Lots of my other bulbs are starting to bloom, too. I'm going to go to the nursey to see if I can pick up some Eastery tulips and hyacinths to smell-up the inside of my house today.
2.) The cruisers are coming out of their garages! Love seeing old cars driving through town. This is a '62 - '64 model Lincoln Continental. Jersey tags in our Maryland town, but who cares about that. Great weather calls for a sweet ride!
3.) You can run around on the beach barefoot! 66 degrees may not be that warm, but it's warm enough. These little toes are tired of being cooped up in my boots. Took Sandi to the beach to run around today sans shoes. Bring on the sandals!
Happy Spring! 7 days early!

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