Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jon Allen Photo

Ever try to look pretty while wearing shorts and a tanktop in 35 degree weather? It's tough! During this shoot with Jon, of Jon Allen Photo, my eyes were tearing up from the 20 mph wind and I had goosebumps all over my skin. I sucked it up because I knew that the results would be awesome and totally worth it.

Jon had contacted me to shoot some 80's-inspired excersice photos. Funny, right? I wore my best spandex and bodysuit just for the occassion. Those pictures turned out really well, too, but are embarrassing! Maybe one day I'll post them on here.

I took some of my favorite clothes, one of my vintage suitcases, and my favorite pair of shoes knowing that Jon would be stoked to shoot some pinup-inspired images. Here they are! I hope that you like them. I think they turned out fantastic! Chattering teeth and all.
Jon adds such uniqueness to all of his photographs. I love seeing his new pictures and collaborations with local models. This go-getter actually went to school to be an engineer but loves photographer. He has no formal training just a love for what he does. I'd say that he's doing a crazy fantastic job. Be sure to check out some of Jon's other photographs. I hope that he makes it big someday!


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