Sunday, March 27, 2011

Snow Day

It snowed here last night! About 5 inches! Crazy for the end of March in Maryland. I think the storm caught everyone by surprise... including my poor daffodils and snapdragons. The bay looks so stunning covered in a coating of white powder. My mother and I walked our dog on a local nature trail this morning. It led to runny noses, snow-ball covered paws and these awesome images.
I think this will be out last snow accumulation of the season. However, we already assumed that the last storm would be it. Nature's good at surprises. I gladly welcome another snow shower. I'm a snow-lover (and heat-lover, too) as long as it only lasts one season.

Did you get any snow recently? Please say a little prayer for my spring flowers and seedlings! I hope they pull through this frosting!

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