Thursday, March 24, 2011

Energetic & Colorful

It thundered and lightening up a storm last night! When I woke up this morning, it was grey and gloomy outside. You could feel that there was still energy floating in the air. A little eerie outside all day... A perfect reason for wearing a brightly colored ensemble.
This is the pale pink vintage-inspired jacket that I picked up while thrifting in Chicago a few weeks ago. Thrifted peach Pashmina scarf. Anthropologie circle skirt on sale a few months ago for only $9.95!

I had a press release conference this morning regarding the Dew Tour coming to Ocean City this summer. (So stoked about that!) Let's just say that in a sea of black-suited business/media professionals I REALLY stuck out. A girls ‘gotta follow her own fashion sense, right? I liked my outfit today and was feeling rather pretty in it (even though my throat and sinuses are still aching. Bronchitis, go away!).

Stopped and took some pictures at this gorgeous fireplace in the middle of nowhere. Someone purchased the land this home once occupied and burnt it down to add more farm land. This chimney towers over everything and is quite elegant if you ask me.
Told you I was colorful. Not quite as colorful as these ladies, but maybe someday! Love their gusto!
Hope there are some cheery things happening in your life to inspire you, too!

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