Wednesday, February 23, 2011

trash to treasure: fan cage chandelier

A few weeks ago, I scoped out the historic, and abandoned, Shore Drive-In in West Ocean City. Everything on the lot is trash (especially considering that most things on the property are rotting away, rusted, and unusable).

It seemed like things were just left there for me to stumble upon. While there, I picked up this rusty old fan cage knowing that it had potential. The cage has an emblem on it with the makers brand name, from the 1960's, that I thought was pretty cool.

Well, this is what I made from this icky, rusty, fan housing:
Ta-da! It's a nifty new necklace chandelier! It serves a purpose and is old, has a story, and brings back some great memories from my experience at the Shore Drive-In. I washed and sanded the cage, clear coated the metal, strung it from 6 pieces of nylon coated stainless steel, attached it to a ceiling hook, & carefully hung all of my pretty beaded necklaces from it that were previously just tangled in a bunch.

One man's trash is another woman's treasure! I think it beats other necklace holders I've seen while shopping around.


Michelle Rayburn said...

Hi Ami,
I just featured this post over at my Trash to Treasure blog. :-)


Nelly said...

I found you via Michelles trash to treasure blog Love what you have done.I am now following along