Thursday, February 24, 2011

blackbird singing in the dead of night

My yard was overtaken by blackbirds today. For almost 2 hours...
I guess that I kind-of invited them to my home, actually. I put bird seed outside almost every day for the birds and squirrels to feast on. Recently, I started putting deer corn out for the squirrels to pick at and gobble up. The swarm of hungry blackbirds took full advantage of my generosity this afternnon. One bird quickly plucked all of the corn off of the cob while the others hovered around and dug the fallen corn off of the ground. Team work, right?

(these aren't actually before & after pictures... the birds destroyed the cob before I even knew what was happening!)

They flew in and made themselves right at home. They squawked the whole time they were visiting. I hope they were saying "Sweet! Corn jackpot!"
I think that most of my neighbors avoid attracting these birds into their yards. I think they're pretty swell. Sandi & Slater loved watching them... and I did, too. Just like the blackbirds from old childhood story books.

Come back anytime you silly little blackbirds! Glad I could put some food in your stomachs after a snowy winter.

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