Friday, May 18, 2012

Bee Momma

I’ve begun (yet another) new adventure lately. This venture requires me to be a momma – to about 10,000 creatures. These creatures aren’t necessarily warm and cuddly little things. They are capable of stinging, causing allergic reactions, and swarming. I’m in the process of becoming a bee Momma.

My adventurous friend, Amanda, and I have jumped full-force into the process of becoming beekeepers. We have a beautiful hive in Amanda’s backyard, all of the necessary tools (& fun suits!), and a few pounds of bees.

Amanda and I are both incredibly crunchy – we love the outdoors, our environment, and supporting local efforts to preserve our ecosystems. Bees just seem to fit into all of the above. We hope that our bees help pollinate crops, flowers, and keep our local farmers in business – and we hope to get some honey out of this deal, too.

Forgive me from not giving my undivided attention to Little Miss Lovely over the past few weeks – but my beekeeping, gardening, and house work have been taking up most of my attention (and those two other jobs that I work have been, too). I’ve got some beautiful things in the works for Little Miss Lovely and will share them with you shortly.

If you’d like to follow our beekeeping adventures or learn a little more about why beekeepers do what they do, Amanda and I will be blogging along the way. Once our blog, titled Spoonfuls of Honey, is up and running, I’ll link you directly to it!

Happy weekend. Cheers!

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