Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tuesday Tunes & An Upcycled Gown

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this video! It makes me giddy! 

I just saw the SUCRE video that premiered tonight (I'm proud to say that I was the 300th viewer. haha.) One of my most favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess, filled us in on some extra info about Stacy King's lovely dress in the video. Watch the video and see just how lovely it is!

How magical is that gown? Best part... it was created from out of upcycled wedding gowns! Such a gorgeous result. Elsie revealed that it was made from several different vintage dresses pieced together to form one new dress. Taking the best pieces from once stunning dresses that are currently holey, torn, or ill sized and making something new and refreshed is a great idea! It's how I made many of my custom designed clothing pieces.

Here are some photos of the dress found on A Beautiful Mess:

Goodness. So neat. Stacy King, formally Stacy Dupree, is one of the Eisley girls who's been working on her solo album. Ever since I heard their song, 'Smarter', I've been hooked. Give 'em a listen.

I'm finished gushing about dream, recycled wedding dresses now. Enjoy some new tunes and lovely fashion. Cheers!

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