Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Biggest Messes

This was my mess when I started crafting things tonight.... 

I finished off 10 more hair pieces (headbands, clips, claws, and more) that I had started earlier this week. Flowers, lace, sequins, beads, tulle, netting, rhinestones... all of the above? It takes lots of sewing, some hot glue, and a vision to turn a pile of feathers and vintage crocheted collars into something presentable. I can't wait to share these Little Miss Lovely Vintage creations with you! I'm hoping to debut many of them in just 16 days at Borrowed Event

I'm wrapping things up for the night. My eyelids feel extremely heavy and I think I have a huge wad of hot glue in my hair. Ah, whatever, it happens.

Here's what my mess looks like now...

'Ya know what? I'm leaving this mess like this until I'm out of bed in the morning. No one will disturb it (except for maybe the cat - he'll be having a hay-day around 3 am - I'm sure). My mess can wait to be cleaned up. I had to finish making things while my creativity was flowing. :)

Have a lovely evening.

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