Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A wedding giveaway!

I promised you all that I'd tell you about a fantastic little giveaway a few days ago... well, ta da, here it is! A few weeks ago I teamed up with Birdhouse Productions and Jillian McGrath Photography to create an announcement for an upcoming giveaway.

I was more than excited about the idea and ecstatic to be a part of something BIG with them. Both Natalie and Jillian are huge inspirations to me. It's because of good-hearted, extremely creative, goal-oriented, and loving 'gals like them that I find a reason to do my silly little hobbies and spread the word about good work-ethics and chasing your goals.

Back to the production... I found this off-white 1950's dress at a thrift store in Delaware. It was $4! I bought it just because it was too beautiful to be hanging on a rack at a Goodwill. Too often I see hand sewn vintage dresses being trashed on racks of discarded clothing at thrift stores and it breaks my heart. Breaks my heart. (That's probably why my closet looks the way it does.) I ripped out the seams, reinforced them, and sewed them back together. Added a mesh belt. Created a feathered head piece. Wore some vintage earrings (also thrifted). And then put on my favorite cranberry colored tights with matching heels (& matching lipstick).

It was only 29 degrees outside the day that we created this goodness. Freezing. Jillian was kind enough to bring that vintage mink shawl to me to wear and I grabbed my elbow-high vintage leather gloves before I left the house. The setting? The historic Cornwall Iron Furnace in Cornwall, PA. My Papa worked there for years before the mining industry in Lebanon Country ceased. He could tell you books worth of stories.

Now, for the contest logistics.
2 Birds, 1 Day – Bluebird Package
– Complete Wedding Day Photographic Coverage by Jillian + Ryan McGrath
– High Resolution Digital Images of Wedding Day
– Two Month Online Ordering Gallery

– 8-9 hours of Wedding Day Coverage with Natalie & Mark
– 5-7 minute Cinematic Wedding Film
– Full Toasts Film, edited between 2 cameras
– 3 custom designed WHCC DVDs

**Not Included/Items sold separately:**
– Engagement session
– Photographic prints or albums
– Cinema add-ons
– Travel Costs (beyond 100 miles one way)
Pretty spectacular, wouldn't you say? To read more about the 2 Birds, 1 Day - Bluebird Package giveaway, go to the Borrowed Event blog and check out the contest. It's definitely worth entering if you're newly engaged, have been engaged and haven't decided on a wedding photographer/videographer yet, or plans to get engaged soon! If I were engaged, I'd enter this free contest in a heartbeat!

Kudos and great thanks to Natalie, Jillian, and Ryan for making me feel like Snow White while working on this project. I'll be excited about this forever! :)

Go enter, now!

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Jillian McGrath said...

Aw Ami thank you so much for sharing this, the images and the film! You're such an amazing and beautiful person, we couldn't be more thrilled to have captured your beauty :) You're awesome <3