Friday, December 9, 2011


 Last weekend, my dear friend, Jillian (of Jillian McGrath Photography), came to visit for the weekend. I had such a nice time taking her on an adventurous tour of my little coastal town. We toured a historic house and hotel that were built in the mid-1800's, at lots of delicious food, shopped locally, and explored to island of Assateague.

I know that I've talked about Assateague on the blog a few times before. (If I'm on the beach in any of my photos, that's most likely Assateague Island. It's kind of my home away from home.) Assateague is both a state and national park... where the ponies run free! It's one of the only places in the country where there are wild ponies. Chincoteague, Virginia, only about 30 miles away, also has wild ponies. Jillian had no idea (until she saw the giant piles of pony poop everywhere) that there were ponies in park that comprised of beach, marsh, and bay land.

The park is located only 6 miles from my home. It's quite a joy to be able to visit this park so frequently. Jillian and I arrived close to sunset when the lighting was magical and the ponies were wide awake. Here are some pictures:

Thank you, Jillian, for visiting! You are welcome back anytime. :)

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