Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Did you know that the monarch butterflies are in migration? Right this second there are thousands of big orange butterflies fluttering across the country. The monarchs flock (is that word only used for geese?) to Mexico as soon as the cold begins to set in on the east coast. A huge journey for a tiny creature!

Word around town was that the butterflies were invading! Not just one or two, but so many that you had to watch where you stepped while walking out of the grocery store because you might squash a few butterflies. My neighbor came over 3 days ago and said that he took his dog hiking and there were butterflies landing on his yellow lab as he was zipping around the trails. Sounds so neat.
So, the next day I decided to check it out for myself. I think I was a day too late. Bummer. I think it was a little too gloomy, like it was about to rain at any given moment, and a little too windy. The butterflies had fluttered past and I didn't even catch 'em! I did see a few single monarchs though. Only about a handful but they were fancy and fun to watch.

They feast on the blooming golden rod. Yep, the same thing that makes my eyes red and itchy and turns my nose into a sneezing machine. I guess I was kind of crazy to hike on paths lined with this yellow weed. My nose and allergies were bonkers the rest of the day.
Have the butterflies invaded anyone else's hometown? Did you get some pictures of them in clusters? Send some pictures if you saw this season's monarch migrations!

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