Friday, October 14, 2011

Lovely Little Bones - A New Store!

It's my birthday and I have a HUGE surprise up my sleeve! Something unexpected.
Ta-da! My new Etsy store! Ladies (& maybe some gentlemen),  presenting Little Lovely Bones, a funky, fresh and exciting new Etsy store. It seems as though skulls have been an obession of mine for quite some time, especially Day of the Dead sugar skulls. So fun and so kitschy.
I've been busy innovating! Playing with clay, making silicon molds, using a kiln, painting, sewing... you name it & I've been working on it. I've always been a jewelry maker - I love beads, making my own beads and wire wrapping so much- but I was ready for a new challenge. Because Halloween is quickly approaching, I'm in a crazy skull mode. Glitter skulls all over my house. It's not surprising though, especially when you consider that fact that my 'atomic' 18' Christmas tree is decorated with hot pink and lime green skulls, glitter and leopard print. That's why I started Little Lovely Bones!
So, that's that! I hope that you think these little creatures are as fun as I do. I've been wearing them in my hair ever since I took them out of the kiln. I've even got my mom wearing them in public! haha. That's rather amusing. Her flashy rhinestone reader glasses with a lime green skull in her hair. She's so supportive and such a stellar mother.
I hope that you like my little newbies. If you have a chance, go check out Little Lovely Bones on Etsy! If you want these little skulls by Halloween, or the Day of the Dead (Nov. 1st), leave me a message and I'll get them in the mail super fast! I'm so looking forward to tacking one of these clips in my spooky Halloween wig!

Today is going to be filled with birthday shenanigans, a fall-themed OctoberFest in our historic town, enjoying some time with friends and my hanging with my loving family. At 25 (yikes!), I'm stoked on life. There is so much going on right now and I couldn't be happier. Things seem to be getting better and better every moment! I'm so thankful and so blessed. I've got more crazy, awesome news coming your way later today. I love birthdays. :)

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 Amy said...

YAY! Happy birthday, you gorgeous lady! And congrats on the shop! It's so so pretty. I'm so proud of you and wish you the best of luck! Let me know if you want a sponsorship on my blog next month for your shop. I'd love to have you!