Sunday, October 2, 2011

Boys Industrial School

On the North Shore of Hawaii, it seemed as though a little abandoned gem was just waiting for me. Introducing... the Wai'alee Boys Industrial School. The old reform school for boys was opened in 1906 for 106 mostly Hawaiian boys.
Not just any boys. 106 boys expelled from real school for things things like disobediance towards their elders and parents, assult or battery. The bad boys. Convicts of public school, per say.
Back in the early 1900's the Boy's Industrial School was a self sufficient property. Fields of pineapples and taro fruit (two of my favorite Hawaiian grown fruits!) surrounded the school house. By 1935, the education system had found a better way to deal with the 'bad kids' and the Wai'alee school ceased to exist within the year.
In more recent years, the locals said about 3 years, the building caught fire and the insides were destroyed. A testiment to the foundation of this 100+ year old building. It's impressive that the structure is still standing and seemingly rather sturdy.
The Wai'alee Boys Industrial School, as it sits now, is partially owned by the State of Hawaii. The school building located on the same lot as the New Crawford Convalescent Home. An old folks home for elderlies with disabilities and such. A few of the home's individuals were outside while I was talking pictures. One said that I was going to take "boom boom" and used his hands to symbolize picture taking. I'm sure they get quite a few weirdos like myself walking around their yards trying to photograph this historical Hawaiian building.
Hope you liked this set of photos. Aren't you glad you're enrolled at an old fashioned reform school? Catch 'ya later, lovelies!

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