Monday, September 19, 2011

Shaved Ice

Anyone in the mood for some shaved ice? I know that it's pretty stinkin' cold in most of the states right now, but in Hawaii, it's about 90 degrees today. I've eaten more shaved ice here than I think I ever have back in Maryland and Pennsylvania. It's absolutely delicious!
This finely decorated building used to house a little shaved ice business on Old Fort Weaver Road in Ewa, HI. I bet it was quite the hang out. There aren't any cute little mom & pop shaved ice shops left in our area. I really wish this place was still in operation. It sure would beat Rita's or Baskin Robins.
Somebody obviously went to town with their spray paint on this building. The colors are pretty magical. So bright in contrast to the yellowed brush typical of the West Coast of Oahu.
The shaved ice really is quite enjoyable here. There are a few little places on the North Shore that are exquisite. They fill the bottom of your cone with ice cream, pile on the ice, and then smother it with sweet flavored syrup. Delicious!

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