Monday, June 27, 2011

Paw Paw Creek Road

A little bit of dreamy-ness to enchant your Monday morning! I felt like Alice in Wonderland while exploring this over-grown property. This home, barn, and land is for sale by a private owner outside of Snow Hill, MD. It looks as though whoever lived here stored their life-long collections, created a beautiful garden, and enjoyed living in the country. I'd assume so, at least.

The barn was falling apart but the lush green foliage around it felt almost as though it were supporting the rustic red structure. Very dreamy.
The gardens were over grown with day lilies, trumpet vines, and grapes! I don't think I've ever plucked grapes from a vine before... until this day. I didn't eat them. Maybe I should have?
Hope that you had a great weekend and that your work week is off to a nice start. Looking forward to a long weekend already?


WhimSea Designs said...

Your blog is so amazing, Ami! I first saw it on Facebook and instantly became addicted! You always look so cute in every photo...I love your style, you truly inspire me, girlfriend!

It's great to meet someone who loves vintage shopping and abandoned houses as much as I do. There's something beautiful about wandering around an abandoned place wondering what the stories are the unfolded there through time. You do such a lovely job capturing that in every post. Even when I go to antique stores and pick up new lovelies for my home I wander around and look at all the treasures and wonder about their story...if each piece could talk could you imagine some of the stories they would tell? Old photos grab my attention most of all...they're so intriguing!

I love your blog and needless to say am a new follower! Have a beautiful Monday! xoxo

Kerry said...

Gosh it looks as though you stepped right into a daydream. How beautiful x

PaisleyJade said...

That dress is so pretty!

Ami Marie said...

Thanks, girls!

Ami Marie said...

Jamie, thanks for the sweet comment! It made my day! I'm glad that you can relate to some of my passions. You must be feeling the same attraction to these historic places/pieces, too! Thanks for the encouragement!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

You look beautiful!!! LOVE LOVE your dress! Great photos :)