Saturday, June 18, 2011

Honeysuckle Drive: Revisited

Remember how I went through that beautiful red house on Honeysuckle Drive in Millersville, PA a few weeks ago? Remember how I said it was in the process of being torn apart? Remember how I said it probably wouldn't be there much longer?
Well... it's gone. Demolished. Wrecked. Destroyed. Leveled. I drove past it earlier this week and took this picture. They're even removed all of the aged trees on the property. Nothing but a big pile of rubble.

Farewell to this beautiful old home. I'm sure your in abandoned-house Heaven. Glad I was able to visit this home while I had the chance.


Wish Me Luck said...

:( Abandon houses are always so interesting. It's sad that they tore it down. We have a abandoned house near are house that I really want to go in. The door has been taken off and all the glass from the windows are gone.

Ami Marie said...

Sounds like an open invite to me! Go take a look around :)