Friday, May 6, 2011


History from the local Whitehaven area shows that Whitehaven, MD dates back to 1685. The ferry is the oldest publicly operated ferry in the country. The town of Whitehaven was formed in 1753. This was my first time taking my car on the ferry across the Wicomico. The ferry only holds 3 cars. I was super excited to drive my car onto the ramps and ‘boat’ across the river! (& that fact about George Washington's grandmother is pretty cool, too.)
I’ve visited Whitehaven many times. The parents of a friend of mine, whom I’ve lost contact with, own the Whitehaven Marina. A cozy little place raised on pillars above the Wicomico River that can dock about 10 boats. It’s their little vacation getaway, only 20 minutes from their real home in Salisbury, MD.
This gorgeous hotel, the Whitehaven Hotel, was built circa 1810 as a place for sailors to lodge. Nearby were shipyards, a canning factory, a school, church, and a general store. The hotel severed, and still serves, as a welcoming sign for those taking the ferry across the Wicomico River.
Whitehaven is such a relaxing place. Very little traffic, serene sounds of the river, only about 15 residences, no shops or convenience stores, not even one traffic light (only 3 stop signs to be exact!).
I spent some time walking around the little town. I left once I was covered in bug bites from the marsh-loving, green-headed flies. Ouch.

I saw this stunning field of yellow wildflowers and immediately pulled over and snapped a few pictures! I just can't pass up an opportunity to act like a goofball in a field of gorgeousness! It was so pretty.
'Gotta love traveling in the springtime when everything is in bloom! If you make it to Whitehaven anytime soon, let me know what you see and do! Best wishes in  your travels.

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