Monday, May 9, 2011


So, what do you think about my new makeover?? I've spent the past few days playing with codes, editing images, and trying to put together a cohesive look for Little Miss Lovely. I'm hoping this new blog layout is easier to use, allows for simpler reading and is pretty. I think it's pretty.

I've extended the margins to allow for larger pictures! No need to click an image to see it bigger anymore. With that said, check out these:
I went to the MVA (also known as the DMV) to pick up my motorcycle license today... YES, I did pass! My mother and I celebrated my safe rider skills on Mother's Day before my parents headed back to Pennsylvania. I took the long way home and found this gorgeous wheat field. The colors were incredible. Captivating.

Doesn't the new blog layout make these pictures 'pop'? Let me know what you think! I put it together all by myself... I couldn't justify spending $300+ on blog designers. I'll consider it a learning experience and am open for constructive criticism. Spend some time poking around and checking out the new features (like the nifty tag links to the Little Miss Lovely social networking pages on the right). Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Hope that your weekend went well and your Mother's Day was grand!


Courtney said...

i love the new layout, much easier on the eyes ")

Ami Marie said...

Thanks, Courtney! It feels like my blog has matured a little bit :)