Thursday, May 5, 2011

Anthropologie May '11

I'm obsessed with Anthropologie. I look forward to receiving their beautiful catalogs in the mail every month. I think I actually skip home from my mailbox hub when I have an Anthro catalog in my hand. I read every catalog from cover to cover and fantasize about purchasing every item listed. Is that weird?

Anyways... the April '11 catalog is in my hand right this very second. It's stunning. The fashions and home decor found in this month's issue aren't necessarily my style per say. They're a little more eclectic than what I typically look for when shopping or styling my wardrobe. Less vintage-inspired, more 'classically trendy' this month compared to last month.

Here are a few photos and items from Anthropologie's April issue that I think are swoon worthy:
(I adore the above image! It's perfect.)
"India Rising" is the theme throughout April Anthropologie. Styling something like this would be a dream job. Can you imagine? I'd love to have that career. Am I the only one obsessed with Athropologie, or what? What do you think of this month's catalog?


Patti B said...

oh dear god in heaven....have you been to their Philly store?

Ami Marie said...

Oh yes! Sometimes I make trips to Philly just with the intention of shopping at Anthro. I've actually been applying for jobs at their home office in Philly. Fingers crossed!