Wednesday, April 6, 2011

South Point Stables

I don't know much about this scene... except that it's beautiful. A few days ago, I went to South Point, MD, during sunset to watch the sun disappear into the Sinepuxent Bay. It's always a spectacular scene to witness. While there, I snapped a few shots of the abandoned South Point Stables.
Someone owns the property that these historic stables call home. The structure itself hasn't been touched in years (other than to staple more "no trespassing" sings to the entrances). The grass is always mowed though so someone has to be keeping a close eye on this place.
It appears to be at least 12 separate stables and one center room that exits into a large pasture. The South Point region is filled with history. This stable is less than 1 mile away from Genesar, too. The property is bay front... spoiled little horses. I'm sure that this stable is old enough to have been home to dozens of great horses.

Know anything about this area that I don't? I'd love to know more!

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Anonymous said...

I found your blog when I google searched the image south point lawns.. My company maintains the grounds that these stables are on. Your pretty right on though with the info you have, the slave quarters were knocked down last year and the owners are building a new house next to the barn. The owners currently reside in the manner house which was the original one of southpoint.. Its just around the corner from the barn.. Large white one!