Monday, March 28, 2011


Genesar is a 2 and a half story brick home that was built in 1732. It's located in Berlin, MD - in the South Point area - near the Sinepuxent Bay. Genesar is labeled as one of the earliest developments of formal Georgian design plans in the U.S.
Genesar was known to have one of the finest examples of glazed brickwork in the state of Maryland. Apparently, the home was vandalized in 1941. Whoever wrecked the building took paneling out of the home that was said to be one of the best colonial paneling on the entire east coast. Here are a few pictures taken in 1940:
Beautiful, Isn't it? I stopped to explore the grounds of Genesar today. Here's what I saw:
This sign posted on an exterior wall reads: 
Those who’ve hurt me most have gone and yet I still live on
Proud chimneys raised o’re beach and bays e’re basking in the sun
It’s for a reason I’ve been found by one who cares enough
To save me for those in years to come
A semblance of their fathers’ sweat
Those who read this rhyme today
Pray, look, and go in peace
And give a chance to those who dare sometime to recreate
-Genesar 1732
(I took the picture {above left} through a small hole in an exterior brick wall.)
(Sign reads, "Please respect the history of this building. Thanks."
Genesar is beautiful! Can't believe that I touched something from 1732 today. I'd like to know who actually owns the land now to talk to them (and to make sure they know that I love their investment). Crazy knowing that there is such great history and fabulously classic design in my little town. Have you ever visited Genesar?

& this wil conclude your history lesson for the evening! :)


Sarah said...

I love that you love it too! My ggggggggreat grandfather built this. I wish someone with enough money would come along and restore it. Awesome job on highlighting this treasure.

Ami Marie said...

Thanks, Sarah! I'm lovin' my history research lately!

Anonymous said...

Hello this is Diane a daugher of the actual family who owns Genesar. My father who passed away in 2004 and DREAMED of the restoration of Genesar, also would have LOVED to see someone with money who could restore it. Too bad one of his eight kids has not yet been able to fullfill his dream. Each of us would love to do it!! Glad to see Genesar being enjoyed and mostly LOVING to see my dads original ART and handwriting on your blog! Good for you. Cheers. Diane

Ami Marie said...

Diane, thanks for reading and commenting! I love Genesar and am hoping to see someone restore it someday. Glad to see you all support your father's dreams. It truly is a lovely property. -Ami

Anonymous said...

I've started a page on Facebook dedicated to Genesar. I hope you don't mind that I've added some of the photos you've taken of Genesar to the FB page? There is another house in close proximity to Genesar called Rackliffe House that was recently restored to its former glory. I wonder if Genesar will ever go that route. I'm not aware of any local preservation groups working to save it from decay. Enjoyed the page, thanks.

Ami Marie Reist said...

I'm glad you found my Genesar post! I'd love to check out the Facebook page... I did a search for it put couldn't find it. If you get a chance, send me a link, please! Thanks :)