Thursday, April 28, 2011


Pollen. Yuck. I can't escape it. My poor sinuses. The trees in the Ocean City area are producing high amounts of this dusty yellow stuff and it's sticking to everything! Above - The pollen just clumps on my front porch. It almost looks like someone took yellow sidewalk chalk to the wood.
That's my car. Only 3 hours after washing it. It's covered... again! Yellow, yellow, everywhere. I hope this "very high pollen alert" stage passes quickly. If it sticks around any longer, my itchy eyes and runny nose will hate spring. On a better note, I'm just glad we don't have Stink Bugs here. They're everywhere in Pennsylvania (no exaggeration either). I even brought a few home in my suitcase from last weekend there. Stowaways I suppose.
The weather has been really nice and if I take a non-drowsy allergy medicine first thing in the morning I can brave the pollen. With temperature highs in the 80's the past few days, Sandi and I have been doing lots of hiking through the woods.
(Check out that rockin' hairdo. Ha.)
We also hung out at the unopened swimming pool in our neighborhood. It's filled with rain water and completely vacant. Perfect for playing fetch on a hot day... and getting splashed by a soaking wet labradoodle.
Hope your allergies are doing better than mine! Delight in this sunshine while it lasts. Looks like some thunder storms for next week on the Right Coast of the continent. April showers bring May flowers... let's hope!

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