Friday, April 1, 2011

Life is Swell

I'm loving life right now. I think a change of scenery is needed every now and again.
Look at all of these vintage spottings! The antique stores around here have some neat finds that I haven't seen in Maryland in quite some time. At reasonable prices, too.
This funky camper has been parked down the street from my parents house for over a year (yes, everyone is tired of seeing it along the street) with a for sale sign on the door. Any takers? The guy who owns it says, "$500, or best offer". A little loving and it could be fashionable, I think?
These lovelies are in pieces all over the Hershey, PA area. Here's an old Chrysler and a Pontiac. I get so excited when I see old cars when venturing around town.

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