Friday, April 1, 2011

Dinosaur Rock

More trail hiking in Mount Gretna, PA. I just can't get enough. This gorgeous trail leads to this... Dinosaur Rock.
Dinosaur Rock was formed millions of years ago by shifting plates on the earth's surface... yadda yadda yadda. You know just as much about the formation of the earth as I do, if not more. For obvious reasons, this spot has truly earned its name.
My dad used to take my sister and me hiking through the woods to check out this 'dinosaur' quite often when we were younger. I'm still as amazed by this rock formation now as I was then.
As you can see, this by this point in the afternoon, the snow storm passed and turned into rain. Lots of rain. I stopped to admire a few homes in Mount Gretna. This little town was originally a little summer retreat area nestled over the Gretna Lake. I believe that most of its residents actually live there full-time now though. How cure are these cottages?
After a little town tour we went to check out the old Pennsylvania Rail Road ruins. The trails of this historic railway are paved and perfect for long, flat walks. Here are a few pictures of the old rail house that used to welcome trains to Mount Gretna:
Oh, and this pretty lady wondered right up to Sandi and I. She wanted her picture taken. Can't believe how close she let me get to her. Moo.
This post has turned into quite the picture dump. Just a day in my life. Happy weekend, my friends!

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