Monday, March 7, 2011

What I Wore: Little Red Dress

You know that you've got a great friend when she offers to let your borrow a vintage dress that belonged to one of her family members. That's how I acquired this adorable little red dress. One of my best friends, Cassie, let me borrow this fancy little vintage find. It was either her grandmother's or her mother's dress. Beautiful, isn't it?
I wore this dress to Ashley and Darek's wedding rehearsal and dinner this past Friday night. I think that it was a perfect occasion to wear this little get-up. The dress is made of soft red silk with a satin center and lining. I've been waiting about 3 months to wear it!
(My mother & I)

(My little sister & I)

(My sister is a goof.)
 The wedding rehearsal was much needed, especially because the wedding coordinator had no clue what was going on at the church. It took us a few tries until she knew (well, somewhat knew) what we were trying to explain to her. Everything ran smoothly during the actually wedding the following afternoon.

We had a nice dinner after the rehearsal where all of the bridesmaids and family members got lots of gifts from Ashley and Darek. Fun bridesmaid sweatshirts with our names on them, jewelry, and hand-made garters were some of the goodies in our gift bags.
Thanks for letting me wear your gorgeous red dress, Cassie! I loved it! Everyone kept telling me that it was, "Very Mad Men-ish." I love pretty vintage dresses.

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