Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trappe Creek

Located between Ayers Creek and Trappe Creek in Berlin, MD, I've been meaning to take a closer look at this house for months. I think the farmer who owns the land surrounding it purchased the property and starting cropping as close to this house as possible. I was feeling nosey and took a peek around.
I snuck inside through the back door and was quite surprised. I think the farmer has been storing some hay in the home. There are hay bales filling the entire kitchen area and hay spilled onto the floors of the rest of the home. Someone must have had an awfully fun time spray painting the walls of this place. Quite colorful, yes?
(Don't worry, that's not a ghost in the background. That tan fan-tail belongs to Sandi. I took her along with me.)
(Isn't this front door lovely? I think so.)
Such a pretty little farm home. I bet it would have been so relaxing to sit on the front porch of this place and watch the sunset on this acreage during this home's prime. Makes you wonder why someone would give up such a lovely home in a peacful setting?

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