Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Off the beaten path

Found this awesome, serene, spot on my daily hike with Sandi today. We were walking through the nature preserve when I spotted these 2 fallen trees a few yards off the beaten path.

(Momma long legs & her big white dog.)

I also found these while we were walking. The whole skeleton was (almost) in tact. I think these cool little vertebrae bones and jagged teeth are from a raccoon. I snagged them to add to my collection of "strange oddities found while hiking". I keep all kinds of weird findings in a glass jar as souvenirs.
Sandi is such a water dog! Can't keep her out of it... ever. Check this out. She spotted this puddle as we were walking and ripped through it at full speed. (Also, notice how nimble she is on that retractable leash. She knows exactly how far she can run from me without yanking my arm out of the socket.) Kinda funny, right?
I hope that you're out enjoying the warmer temperatures (high of 51 degrees) today and collecting some souvenirs, too! Live it up, my friends!

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