Tuesday, March 29, 2011

300+ Acres

I'm up to my normal snooping again. I love prodding around fantastic old properties. As I was driving to go look at a house to purchase, I saw a sign that said "300+ Acres for Sale" and looked down the sand lane.
I pulled a U-turn and immediately found myself driving down the lane to see what was at the other end. This beauty waited.
After doing some research I found out that this farm house was built in 1875 and has been unoccupied for several years. At least since 1989-1990 based on the evidence that was openly waiting for me inside.
This home was gorgeous. I was honestly in love. The wallpaper, the layout, the views, the serenity. Calling my name. The $4,250,000.00 price tag was not. I'm glad that I was able to poke around this lovely home. I felt some sort of connection to it. My friend, John, said that it's probably haunted and whoever used to live there may still have connections to it. Understandable since I was charmed by this home so easily.
(A pale pink 'fridge! So lovely!)
The contents of this home were all still so intact that it was almost eerie. I can't understand why someone would just leave this home vacant for 21 years. The remnants inside were lovely and lonely.

(These glazed-brick silos stood about 50 meters from the farm house.)
Such a pretty historic home. I'd adore being able to say my home was built in 1875, wouldn't you? Maybe I'm weird but I think age is charming. Needless to say - I was too mesmorized by this home to be even slightly interested in the home I had originaly went to look at that was in my price range. Maybe next time. A girl can dream, right?


Cassie Bierley said...

You amaze me!!! This would scare the living daylights out of me, even in the daytime. ;-) But I love that you love it...

Ann said...

Hey, you think like I do. You should have seen the house in SH when we bought it. I love old homes and the history and workmanship in them. Good luck on your hunt. You'll find something wonderful. There are so many around here.