Sunday, January 29, 2012

Parker's Car Care

Since Hawaii, I’ve been through at least a dozen new abandoned places. I’ve photographed a few, but it seems as though I’ve left my camera at home more times that I would have liked to. I’m making a pact with myself – always have my camera on me. You never know when cool places and perfect opportunities will pop up. Like on my recent trip to North Carolina…

I turned a corner after doing something fun with Brandywine Photography and WHAM this beauty was right in front of me! Parker’s Car Care. 100 East King Street, Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

I'm not sure why this place is abandoned... maybe Parker went out of business? Maybe they just moved down the street? No idea. I do know, however, that this place reeked! Smelled so bad that I held my breath. Gross. 

I didn't chance going inside either. As I age, I might be growing some fear (or else I've been watching too many scary movies). There was obviously recent trash next to the only open entrance. Not being familiar with the area, I didn't want to risk getting into a more than sticky situation. Can you blame me? Safety first.

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