Thursday, September 1, 2011

West Line Road

I've been holding on to these pretty photos for way too long. They need to be seen. My iPhone came in handy while my camera was broken. These photos were taken via Instagram. Don't they look awesome? I love that little app. Smartphones, geesh.

This abandoned house is located on West Line Road in Selbyville, DE. Not sure why it's been abanonded other than the obvious signs of deterioration. After climbing inside on a rainy Wednesday afternoon I learned alot about the tenants who once lived in this house.
There were posessions strewn about this house. Little artifacts left behind. Knitted dolls, sewing kits, beauty supplies, a nice flannel shirt collection. Tons of things just rotting away from our Eastern Shore weather.
There were sewing supplies everywhere!
Pretty neat, right? Have yourself a glorious little day!
P.S. I'd like to thank everyone for their wishes about my move to Hawaii! I was so excited to check the Little Miss Lovely comments, facebook, and messages yesterday. Thanks for thinking of me. Today I will be packing, spending time with my friends, and making sure everything is taken care of before I catch my flight. xoxo.


Nelly said...

I always feel sad when I see falling down unloved houses.I wrte a kids story once about an old house for my grandkids.Can you tell us more about the story of that house?Oh only if you get time between packing for your adventure of course xx

Tracy Marie said...

The fire department burned that house down a couple weeks ago! I drove by as they were doing the demonstration. Good thing you got to check it out!!

Anonymous said...

..I wonder if anyone grabbed what was inside before they destroyed it.