Sunday, June 12, 2011

& a New Week Begins

I hope that everyone in blog-world had a fantastic weekend! It's early Monday morning and I'm trying to get some things finished before I go into the office for a meeting. Procrastination maybe? No. Maybe it's just trying to work 70-hours a week, travel to see a special someone, and having guests staying at my house while maintaining a social life? Probably the 2nd option.

Isn't Instagram awesome? It lets us doing silly weekend re-caps like this:
(Sandi & I drove home from Pennsylvania. I think she had her head out the window for at least 2 hours of the 4 hour drive.)
(My mother & her friend, Gina, stayed with me over the weekend. It was their 'girls weekend' together.)
(Went to Assateague Island for a little bit to check out this beauty. A tan pony that I had never seen before... except for in photos. Was nice to gander at her in real life.)
(We got a huge rain storm that brought a big rainbow. It was the first time it has rained at my house in over 3 weeks. My flowers were grateful.)
(I drive through this keystone tunnel about once a week lately.)
(I was commissioned to paint a flag on this tin star. Turned out pretty nice, bright, and funky. I finished painting it earlier today.)
(My friend, Tracy, came over and showed me some of her fantastic photos from her photoshoot a few weeks ago. She gave me this picture. It's me, Tracy & Sarah at the photo shoot. Sweet.)

Was your weekend jam-packed, also? It seems that as soon as summer rolls into town, my free time disappears. I hope to regain some extra 'me time' soon. Have a nice week and don't frett about it being Monday!

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