Tuesday, June 21, 2011

James Buchanan's House

President James Buchanan called Lancaster, PA home. Since 1936, this beautiful house in Lancaster has been preserved and considered an American Landmark. James Buchanan was the 15th President of the US - in case you were wondering.

The home, which is now open for daily tours and 19th-century reenactments, is practically living history. These adorable little ladies actually dress up in period-type clothing and give you a tour of the interior while educating you on the history of Buchanan and why he called Lancaster home.

I stopped by the property and took some photos quickly. The Lancaster Historical Society is located right next door and I stopped to use their library to do some research. I couldn't help but just wander the property for a little while. It's so nice. It's also an arboretum with more than 100 mature specimens of living trees!
If you ever make it to Central Pennsylvania, stop by the James Buchanan house. I missed the tours for this day but hope to venture inside sooner or later. I'm sure it's beautiful! 

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