Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the proud papa's out there! Father's day is fantastic. We went out for a big breakfast with my dad, Papa, uncle, and lots of family this morning. I really appreciate getting together with my family... especially since I moved over 4 hours away from them a few years ago. It's extremely nice to know you'll always have someone to welcome you home for a few days. Just wanted to share a few fond memories with my dad. I'm a total daddy's girl and will always be able to count on my dad for support. Promise not to laugh at my dorky-ness in these photos. They're quite old.
(My dad as my escort for my Senior Homecoming Parade when I was on homecoming court in 2005.)
(My dad took my sister and I white water rafting in Georgia in 2006. Road trip with the family to visit my Aunt Kendra in Atlanta. Goof balls.)
(We rented a sailboat and sailed around the Statue of Liberty in the fall of 2008. Such an awesome memory with my parents.)
(My mom & dad at my college graduation in 2009... sort of. My college graduation ceremony was canceled due to a bizarre snow storm. Completely canceled. No postponement. Nothing. Hence the missing cap & gown. We had a fancy dinner and got snowed in instead. I was really upset at the time, but, whatever, it's fine now. Silly December graduations in Pennsylvania. )
(This was May of 2010. My dad and I in a vintage motorcycle/car/pin up show.)   
So, Happy Father's Day to all the supportive dad's out there! I hope you've all had a nice relaxing weekend. I'm hoping for more sunshine and good beach weather this week. Bring on Monday.

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