Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fair Hill Drive

While traveling along my weekly path from the Eastern Shore of Maryland to Central Pennsylvania, this little remain caught my eye. A few yards down the street from the Beehive off of Little Elk Creek in MD, this skeleton of a home still stands on Fair Hill Drive.
As you can see, there isn't much of a house left. It's trapped under dense brush. There are 4 barns, sheds, storage awnings, what ever you want to call them. There was actually and old, beat up, car parked inside of one of the buildings. Too bad the property was so overgrown that I didn't dare to step off the tiny trail to go inside the barn that housed the oldie. I wasn't about to get poison ivy on my skin or briars in my little feet.
Maybe when the foliage starts decaying in the winter I'll stop by again to check it out. It seems less risky in when the plant life isn't in full bloom. Oh, and when there aren't giant bugs like this all over your car when you're ready to leave. Isn't it neat? Looks like it should be living in the rainforest and not in mild Maryland.
Happy adventures to you!

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