Wednesday, May 18, 2011

St. Martin's Church

My dad went exploring with me today. Having him visit is pretty cool. I took him to the historic St. Martin's Church this afternoon. I visited this national historic landmark about 3 months ago. During that visit, the church wasn't actually open. Today, I actually got to venture inside to check out this preserved site.
Today was the first day the church has been open for visitors since the end of last season. The St. Martin's Church was built 20 years prior to the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1756. 255 years later, and this building is still a site to see.
The brick floor has been preserved, the pine box pews have been restored, the barrel vaulted ceiling is beautiful, and the raised pulpits are exactly what you'd expect to see in the 18th century. The Colonial design of this church has been meticulously preserved.
The St. Martin's Church is open every Saturday, beginning June 4th through October from 10 am to 1 pm. It's such an architectural gem on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.
 I think it's crazy to say that my dad and I toured a building that is 255 years old today. So neat. Also, imagine the kind of wedding you could have at this place! I wrote an article for work about weddings and included this place. It's nestled in a forest of tulip poplars and pine trees that tower over everything around and the setting is spectacular.
(My dad is 6'3". This tree squashes him in comparison!)
Have you ever visited this majestic church before?


FuNkY MoMmY said...

Just found you through Violet Bella...what a lovely blog you have. Come visit me at:

Cate said...

I just got married at St. Martin's on April 30th! Please see my facebook for pictures :)

It's a lovely landmark and actually the picture of your dad next to the Selby/Quillin grave is one my of (distant) relatives!

Thank you for featuring our church, it really is awesome!

Ami Marie said...

Thanks for reading this, Cate! I was actually talking to Theresa from the Church Foundation yesterday and she showed me the beautiful magnolia wreaths you had at your wedding! So pretty. Great to hear that another 'gal my age loves this church, too! I'd love to see you pictures but don't have facebook (yes, I'm one of those). Is there anywhere else to see them? Thanks!